Propane Powered Grain Drying & Tobacco Curing

Propane-powered systems offer unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in grain drying and tobacco curing.

By choosing our services, you can enjoy faster drying times, improved quality, and higher yields, ultimately maximizing your productivity and profitability. Contact us today to learn more!

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Propane dryer/curing equipment for grains, tobacco, cannabis, and hemp

Our propane dryer/curing equipment is designed to deliver efficient and effective drying and curing solutions for agricultural products. Whether you're dealing with grains, tobacco, cannabis, hemp, or other crops, our equipment is engineered to meet your specific requirements. In addition to providing state-of-the-art equipment, we also offer reliable gas supply services to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your drying and curing processes.

  • Custom Solutions for Farmers, Processors, and Producers: Our service caters specifically to farmers, processors, and producers who demand efficient and reliable drying and curing equipment to safeguard the quality and value of their crops.
  • Advantages of Propane-Powered Systems: Propane-powered dryers and curing systems offer distinct advantages, including precise temperature control, consistent performance, and the ability to operate independently of electrical infrastructure.
  • Customized Assessment and Recommendations: Our professionals conduct a thorough assessment of each agricultural operation, considering factors such as crop volume, drying/curing requirements, and environmental conditions. Based on this analysis, we recommend and install propane-powered drying and curing equipment for the client's unique needs.

OpenAir Services LLC offers propane dryer/curing equipment across PA, MD, and DE.