Gas Appliance Repairs, Maintenance & Conversion Services

We offer solutions to help extend the lifespan of your gas appliances and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Our expertise in gas appliance repairs, maintenance, and conversion services keeps your appliances running smoothly and efficiently. We take pride in delivering honest advice and transparent pricing based on your specific needs. Reach out to us today to speak with a friendly representative!

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Repair, maintenance, and conversion of your gas appliance

Our gas appliance service and conversion involve the maintenance, repair, and modification of gas-powered appliances to ensure their proper functioning and compatibility with different fuel sources, such as natural gas or propane.

  • Skilled Professionals: Our technicians specialize in servicing a wide range of gas appliances, including stoves, ovens, water heaters, furnaces, and dryers.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: We inspect each appliance for any issues or malfunctions, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Repairs and Replacements: If any problems are detected, our technicians perform necessary repairs or replacements of parts to restore your appliance to optimal functionality.
  • Safety Checks: We prioritize safety by conducting thorough safety checks, including testing for gas leaks, checking burner operation, and verifying proper ventilation to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Gas Appliance Conversion: Need to switch fuel types? Our conversion service allows you to alter your appliance to operate with a different type of gas fuel, providing flexibility and convenience.

OpenAir Services LLC offers gas appliance repairs, maintenance & conversion services across PA, MD, and DE.