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We lost power after a windstorm. After getting our new Briggs and Stratton generator we know we won’t be without power.

Our propane company kept raising prices and we couldn’t shop around. When we purchase a new tank we have the freedom to shop around, sometimes saving 50% per gallon.

We wanted a large 1000-gallon tank installation underground, so we had plenty of propane. OpenAir services was able to install a 1000 gallon run the lines and install a generator.

OpenAir Services provides the security of emergency power supply with Briggs and Stratton and Generac generators.

Propane experts to determine the best solution for heating, pool heaters, fire pits and grills.
As a homeowner in an area prone to frequent power outages, finding a dependable generator was a top priority. We tried several brands before discovering OpenAir Services LLC generators. Their products not only provide reliable backup power but also come with excellent customer support. They've solved our problem of being left in the dark during outages, and we couldn't be happier.